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CG Leader:  Cheryllyn Koki


Sundays 6:00pm - 6:30pm on Zoom

Check-ins on Facebook Group

Open to:  All

Description:   We'll be gleaning from the book “The Purpose Driven Life.”  We'll discover our God-given purpose and we'll learn how to apply it to our daily lives.  In our private Facebook Group we'll have the opportunity to share what we learned in the book and how it made an impact in our lives. We're gonna build healthy relationships and pray for each other and encourage one another.  

***You can purchase the book on your own or check out our free resource 

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CG Leader:  Ps Lenson & Kanoe Kaaloa


Sundays on Zoom from 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Open to:  Young Adults 18 - 25 years old

Description:   We've heard it before, "Now is the time, This is the place, You are the one."  In the NOW Generation Group, we will dive into the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Model to Discover, Develop and Deploy the gifts and talents that God has instructed in us in order to make us better reflections of Jesus in this current generation.


CG Leader:  Ps Lokahi Koki


Fishing Outing every other Friday (starting on 9/25/20)

(Fishing location TBA 2 weeks prior to outing)

Daily posts on Facebook Group "Hooked on Jesus"

Zoom every Sunday 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Open to:  All 

Description:   Hooked on Jesus is a shoreline fishing group for people of all ages and skill levels.  Fishing, fellowship and community is at our core. You can expect that when we meet we’ll share a short devotional, we'll have a brief and meaningful time in prayer and we'll have a great time fishing as we reel in "da beeg ones.”  We’ll also be learning from each other so we can build up our fishing skills and share recipes on cooking the fish we catch or buy.

***Must bring your own fishing gear and bait

Ladies Room.png

CG Leader:  Kanoe Kaaloa


Thursdays @7pm on Zoom

*Meeting ID: 691 674 031

Open to:  Girls, 7th to 12th grade

Description:   The Ladies Room is a private space for us girls to retreat to and get away from the hustle and bustle of this crazy COVID Season.  In the Ladies Room, we'll read a chapter a week from the book of Genesis and spend some time sharing some revealed knowledge that we've gained in our readings.  What a great time to slow down and get back to the basics of what we believe.

The God I never knew.png

CG Leader:  Rosie Kalima


Sundays on Zoom from 7:00am - 8:30am

Open to:  Women only (*there is a max capacity for this group)

Description:   Our study of the book, "The God I never knew" by Robert Morris, will reveal how the Holy Spirit's chief desire is to build and sustain a relationship with us so that he can offer us encouragement and guidance, just as a trusted friend would.

Loss to Life-2.png

CG Leader(s):  

Luania Sula and Miriam Hokoana


Thursdays on Zoom @6:30pm - 7:30pm

(later, in-person at Konishiki's House)

Open to:  All

Description:   This group looks to provide care and support for people who are hurting due to a loss.  Loss can come in many forms: the loss of a job, a divorce, the loss of a home and especially the loss of a loved one - the list is endless.  We look to glean insight from the Word of God so that we may find peace, comfort and stability in and through life's challenges.  In the midst of suffering we can find hope and abundance in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God will speak to us through His Word and He will provide all we need.  He will take us "From Loss to Life."

The Power of a Praying Woman.png

CG Leader(s):  

Alva Molina and LouAnn Schutte


Wednesdays on Zoom from 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Open to:  Women only

Description:   As sisters in Christ for almost 20 years, we've found ourselves joining together in prayer to give God praise and glory through life's joys and life's heartaches.  When life got tough, we prayed.  When our families struggled with issues, we prayed.  When our finances took a hit, we prayed.  When we felt unloved and unappreciated, we prayed.  Over the years, we have learned to come into agreement with God's Word and we've learned to pray according to God's Word, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  This is what our Connect Group is about.  Do you want to learn how to pray?  Do you want to learn when to pray?  Let's look into the Word of God, let's learn together and let's pray together. 

CG Leader(s):  Jody Parton

Open to:  For Paradise Chapel Pastors Wives only

*This is an exclusive group for our pastors wives where they study together, pray together and encourage one another in the Lord.  Please continue to pray blessings upon these wonderful women of God so that they can continue to press forward in the ministry that God has called them to.  Mahalo.

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